An innovative, sales-crowdsourced approach to converting leads, generating opportunities and growing revenue.

Sales Leads Manager  Sales Leads Manager White Paper

Convert leads by managing contacts
and sharing customer insights.

Sales Leads Exchange  Sales Leads Manager White Paper

Grow income by generating and sharing opportunities with the sales crowd.

What Business Leaders Are Saying

"Up and coming platform and productivity tool that will be transformative and disruptive in the Building & Construction industry..."
- Rex Klein, CEO, Barryhund Administrators, Inc.

"A unique platform for generating additional income for our members through buying and selling of highly bonafied leads. A tool that will benefit our members in managing and tracking their jobs, leads, contacts, and contracts from their mobile device or laptop."
- Deanna Johnson, Executive Director, San Francisco Builders Exchange

"An exceptional product that spans benefits to individual Realtors/Brokers and expands to sharing any opportunity with one another."
- Kris Gadde, CEO, Allied Informatics, Inc. and G&R Ventures

About Us

Tuutkia is a Silicon Valley-based company focused on bringing value to sales professionals and sales/marketing organizations. Our team is made up of sales and marketing veterans who bring a wealth of knowledge from major corporations such as Cisco, Oracle, and Disney; small-medium-sized enterprises; and start-ups. As business owners, we understand the demands placed on sales professionals every day. Our applications provide sales people with an effective and easier way to do business.